Political Science Scope Salary Jobs in Pakistan

There are many students in Pakistan who have the interested in Political Science and want to get admission in Political Science degree. Many of students did not know the scope of Political Science, Jobs opportunities, syllabus, and packages. Before getting the admissions in Political science students must complete read our post and then get admission. We share for our visitor scope of political science, salary package, jobs opportunities and university name which offered the political Science degree program. Political Science is a social science which deals with systems of governance and the analysis of political activities, political thoughts and political behavior.

Political Science Scope Salary Jobs in Pakistan

Political Science Scope Salary Jobs in Pakistan

Political science plays significant role in our daily lives. Our education, jobs, lifestyle, remittances and taxes are all influenced by political decisions of the policy makers. Political science also play an important role in the development of future leaders.

Scope of Political Science in Pakistan:

Candidates can join the Political Science after Intermediate as bachelor in Political Science. After bacherlor the masters in political science and then Ph.D in political science is the complete form for the specialization in this filed. In Political Science there are following subject which candidate have to study.

  • International Relations
  • Western Political Thought
  • Comparative Political System
  • Comparative and Development Politics
  • Pakistan Movement
  • International Law
  • Local Organization
  • Local Government in Pakistan
  • Muslim World
  • External Relations in Pakistan
  • Political Sociology

Political Science Salary:

The main topic of discussion is the salary of Political in Pakistan. The reason is obvious as the economical ratio in Pakistan is not so strong so everyone intends for the income and when we discuss political science in Pakistan salary then we can say that your income is more than enough with this field work.

Jobs in Pakistan of Political Science:

  • Professor in Educational Institutions
  • Professor of social Sciences
  • Project Consultant
  • Engineer for Social Projects
  • Project Manager
  • Research Officer
  • Call Center Representative
  • Product Conductor
  • Data Entry Operational Head
  • Analyst
  • Marketing and Communication Holder
  • Director of Natural and Resource Programs
  • Research Designs Specialist


From school level onwards, everyone is familiar with this subject field as part of their curriculum. After 10+2 one can take bachelors degree in Political Science, and go further to take up Masters degree. After that there is also the option for Ph.D i.e to do research.

Political science course covers subjects like forms of democracy, concept of nationhood, powers and functions of the executive and judiciary, the evolution of the Constitution, political thought and theories, foreign policy, contemporary issues in international relations, public administration and public policy formulation, as also subjects like economics and sociology.

Most of the job opportunities in political science require an advanced degree. One can enter this field after a Bachelors degree in political Science. However to take higher positions Masters degree is required. The career scope of students with political science as their subject is quite bright.


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