Pakistan Police Officer Ranks With Stars and Salary

The system of policing in Mughal India was organized on the basis of land tenure. Zamindars were responsible for apprehending disturbers of the public peace and performing other policing duties. At the level of the village, these functions were performed by the village headmen. In large towns, administration of the police was entrusted to functionaries called kotwals who discharged the combined duties of law enforcement, municipal administration and revenue collection. Pakistan Police Officer Ranks With Stars and Salary. Patrol officers in form of village watchmen or patels in villages and peons, horse patrolmen and such other like men in the towns were present. Violent organized crime was usually dealt with by the military.


Police Ranks In Pakistan With Salary

The British administration relieved the zamindars of their responsibility for police service and introduced magistrates with daroghas and other subordinate officers for police purposes. In Madras, the system of daroghas was abolished by Madras Regulation XI of 1816 and the establishment of the tehsildars was employed without distinction in revenue and police duties.

SHO Rank in Police Pakistan

A similar system was put in place in Bombay by Bombay Regulation XII of 1827. In Bengal, the system of daroghas was not abolished due to the absence of the subordinate revenue establishment but their powers were curtailed in 1811 by taking away some of their powers of cognizance.

DSP Rank in Police

One of the most important institutions in any country, a police force plays a vital role in maintaining law and order and investigating crime. The police force in Pakistan is divided into a number of different ranks, each with its own set of responsibilities. has prepared a detailed guide on the police ranks in Pakistan below, along with their roles, responsibilities, and basic pay scales.

Police Ranks in Pakistan

In a bid to offer some relief and personal time with family, the Government of Punjab has reportedly announced a weekly holiday schedule for police officers and other personnel. The implementation of this schedule, however, will happen in two phases. The first will involve constables and station house officers in major cities. In the second phase, the entire provincial department will be given a day off.

Pakistan Police Officer Ranks With Stars and Salary

Pakistan Police Officer Ranks With Stars and Salary

DPO Rank in Police Pakistan

The Pakistani Police Officer has ranked classes with bad grades and salaries, salaries and other details of the educational function, which is analyzed so that anyone can easily get complete information on one platform. In Pakistan, in other countries of the world, law enforcement activities are subject to some federal and local agencies, and if we go to provincial institutions, they are also called police officers. In four provinces of Pakistan, police have maintained law and order.

ASI Rank in Police

These are Police department are Punjab Police, Sindh Police, Balochistan Police and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police. The education require for a person to join the Police department in Pakistan minimum educational experience is matric level for the constable but if you move to the ASP level that is of grade 17 officer then you must have clear your at least Bachelor level education from any recognized university of the Pakistan.

Pakistan Police Officer Ranks with Grades

Rank Abbreviation Grade
Constable BS 05
Head Constable BS 07
Assistant Sub Inspector ASI BS 09
Sub Inspector SI BS 14
Inspector BS 16
Additional Superintendent of Police /

Deputy Superintendant of Police



BS 17
Superintendant of Police SP BS 18
Senior Superintendent of Police /

Assistant Inspector General



BS 19
Deputy Inspector General /

Regional Police Officer /

City Police Officer




BS 20
Additional Inspector General Addl. IG / CCPO BS 21
Inspector General of Police IGP / PPO BS 22

Salary Detail

Junior Clerk/assistant Accountant PKR 16,000
Police Man PKR 17,000
Junior Patrolling Officer PKR 25,000
Mid Career Executive PKR 44,923
Accountant PKR 45,000

All the information Pakistan Police Officer Ranks With Stars and Salary mention on this page if you want to get more detail so use comments option.

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