Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary

Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary In Punjab KPK Sindh. The Rescue 1122 computer operator is accountable for maintaining the hardware on the computer. Find a solution to the issue that has arisen in the operation of the system. He is also responsible for controlling the virus, arranging backup records, updating software, and all other tasks related to the computer’s work. Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary In Punjab KPK Sindh. The pay scale for Rescue 1122 computer operators will be listed in the following article and include the information essential for candidates looking to apply for the position of PC operator for the Province of KPK in Pakistan.

Rescue 1122 KPK salary

These are the basic details for the position of salary of a Rescue 1122 computer operator, so the Rescue 1122 computer operator is performing their duties using the basic pay scale 16. The minimum wage for the position of Rescue 1122 computer operator will be 15,880. Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary. The maximum salary can be 54,280. The annual increase of 16.6% of the BPS is 1,280.

Rescue 1122 salary package 2023

These figures are pretty good for this job, and there are 30 stages left to advance within the career path at the federal level. The age limit for Rescue 1122 computer operators is 28 years old, and there is no relaxation in the age limit. The requirements for obtaining these qualifications are listed in this article. They are bachelor’s degrees in computer science. 16 and 14 years old.

Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary In Punjab KPK Sindh

Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Rank Salary In Punjab KPK Sindh

Computer Operator bps 16 salary KPK

These are as well as a Rescue 1122 computer operator. One year of computer-related diploma is required to be passed from the technical school. The speed of typing is 30 words in a minute. Experience of 2 years is essential from any private or public institute or organization. There are also certain qualifications for those who apply for the position of a Rescue 1122 computer operator.

Rescue 1122 Pay Scale in Punjab

The forms and information are posted through the website for the NTS, and the applicant must read the information carefully. If any protest is discovered on the application, it will be thrown into the garbage, and the authorities are not accountable. The form is to be handed in along with the fee slip. Photocopies of CNIC and educational documents and experience certificates are extremely crucial.

Rescue 1122 Punjab Salary Package 2023

You must submit two passport-sized images that were recently clicked. The deadline for submitting the form is stated on the form. The benefits and benefits will be discussed during the interview. Rescue 1122 computer operator salaries are listed within the 2nd paragraph in this post.

Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Salary Near Lahore

The primary reason for its success, Rescue 1122, has been its open recruitment process that involves written, physical, and psychometric tests to identify the best candidate for the right position. In addition, to further ensure transparency, this procedure has been handed over to PTS.

Rescue 1122 Computer Operator Salary Near Faisalabad

Pakistan Testing Service (PTS). Rescue 1122 is a strict guarantor of merit, and anyone who fails these tests or who does not meet the requirements will not be called for an interview. The process of recruitment includes:

  1. Advertisement: All vacant positions approved by the Finance Department, Government of Punjab are advertised in at minimum two of the leading daily newspapers in the country, including one in Urdu and one in English.
  2. Application Form: Applications are accepted only using prescribed documents. Only those applicants who meet the requirements for that position are taken to be further scrutinized.
  3. Short Listing/Scrutiny of Applications: The accepted applications are subject to further examination at any time. Short-listing of applicants is conducted according to preferred or enhanced criteria set out in the advertisement if large numbers of applications are received for any position.
  4. Tests for writing: All candidates who are shortlisted will be subjected to a written test. The candidates who score fifty percent marks will be qualified for further competition.
  5. Physical Fitness and medical screening: Every one of the candidates applying for various positions within the Punjab Emergency Service has to undergo the physical screening process. This includes candidates with eyesight lower than (6/18) or who is overweight (Body Mass Index greater than 25) chests less than 33 inches in height, the height of less than 5’6”, and who have Hepatitis B, C, HIV, and RPR are not considered eligible to be selected. The final selection is contingent on the medical qualifications granted to the Medical Board. The physical examination includes:

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