Top Highest Paying Jobs & Fields in Pakistan

Jobs for the future of your own and your family is very important but it is a bit difficult to get jobs because of population growth in Pakistan. the number of unemployed citizens is increasing day by day in Pakistan. worried students are piling up degrees but unable to find themselves a stable jobs. Top Highest Paying Jobs & Fields in Pakistan With Package. With the rising prices of every commodity in the country the financial aspect of a job has become extremely important.

Pakistan has one of the largest youth population in the world and every year hundreds of thousands of students graduate from universities and struggle to find a suitable job. But most of them fail to get a job. For help of our visitor in this page we share the highest paying jobs in Pakistan. The individual who fulfill the criteria and competent for such jobs they must try for such jobs and help your family financially. Top Highest Paying Jobs & Fields in Pakistan With Package.

Top Highest Paying Jobs & Fields in Pakistan

Top Highest Paying Jobs & Fields in Pakistan

Chartered Accountant:

Which Field has Highest Salary in Pakistan, Top 18 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan Chartered Accountant CA stand on the top of list in high paying jobs in Pakistan. although study time for Chartered Accountant long as compared to other option but the payback is outstanding. Chartered Accountants are employed on the key positions of financial affairs of an organization like Chief Accountant, Auditor, CFO, Financial Analyst etc. CAs get highest salaries even in the start of their job.

IT Professional:

Information Technology IT Professional contains the second position in the list of top high paying jobs in Pakistan. Computer Science and Information Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in Pakistan. Students choose IT Professional for best future like International trends, freelancing, easy jobs timings and own business. Various software houses are working in major cities of Pakistan and earn huge amount.

Marketing & Brand Manager:

3rd high pay job in Pakistan is Marketing & Brand Manager. The field of marketing has a very high growth rate in Pakistan which opens up a lot of opportunities of quick growth in professional career. The fresh candidates will get a good starting salary between Rs. 20 to 50 thousands per month. When they get few years experiences the package increase by Rs. 1 lac.

HR Manager:

HR Manager stand on the 4th position in the list of top high paying in Pakistan. The HR managers manage hiring, training, career development, employee relations, compensation and compliance of the employees. As employees are the real asset of any company, companies pay highest salaries to those who manage those assets. The salary ranges from Rs.35,000-200,000 per month.

Sales and Business Development:

As the ultimate goal of every company is to sell its products or services in order to generate revenue so no doubt sales is widely considered the most important department of any organization. When you out for your first jobs after completing the degree your salary will be between Rs. 20,000 to 35,000 and a few year of experience it will be raised between 75,000 to 140,000.

Medical Doctor:

Doctors are one of the many most respected individuals and are always in high demand. This field can be divided into many different subcategories ranging from Dentist to Gynecologist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, etc.

Telecom Engineer:

In this list of top high paying jobs in Pakistan is Telecom Engineer on 7th position. With the advent of 3G and 4G Technologies, Telecommunication has become one of the fastest growing sector of Pakistan which is generating billions of rupees daily from their services. The salary ranges from Rs.35,000-180,000 per month.

Managing Director:

Managing Director is the senior-most role in any company. One of the foremost responsibilities of a managing director is to make sure that the performance of the company elevates instead of seeing  sharp decreases in the company’s overall output. The entry level payroll is dependent upon the organization, the candidates experience, the MD’s decisions and performance. The MD earns up to PKR 500,000 and sometimes even more.

Creative Designer:

Creative Designing is one of the fastest growing careers all over the Pakistan and world. As it requires not only the skills, but also a natural ability, creativity and innovation, the job is not simple for many of ordinary people. The creative designer introduces new infographs, visuals, fashion trends, stylish logos and new design models etc. They also get attractive salary packages for their creative skills and services. The salary ranges from Rs.20,000-120,000 per month.

Legal Services Director:

The Legal Service Director is responsible for looking over a company’s or Institute’s legal departments. The director makes sure that the respected workplace and all of the involved clients legally carry out all actions and all decisions being made are persuaded by the law of the country. The director earns up to PKR 600,000 per month.

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