How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI

We all know that the technological revolution in Pakistan has played an important role in leading us to a society where we feel incomplete without our smartphones. How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI. The use of internet and social media on our smartphones has dramatically changed the way we live, work and communicate. We feel depressed if our smartphones are stolen or lost. New System to Block Lost & Stolen Handsets Launched. Block Stolen/Lost Mobile Phones. the important thing we need to worry about is not to misuse our lost phone. Therefore, the best option is to block the lost or stolen phone. The advantage of blocking a stolen phone is that no one can misuse the information available on it.

However, the Civilian Police Coordinating Committee (CPLC) has also set up a website to help Pakistani citizens check and return stolen or stolen phones. How to Check SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number and CNIC. CPLC records over one million IMEI numbers that can be accessed through the website. However, you can also choose the CPLC mobile phone lock option to prevent the use of a lost or stolen mobile phone. So today, through this article, I appeal to all those who, unfortunately, lost their phones. This article will help them block stolen or lost phones from being misused.

Lost Mobile block by IMEI:

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number to identify GSM, WCDMA, and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones.  All user must know about IMEI number because with the help of user can block their mobile if stone or lost. Below we share how to get IMEI number.

  • By dialing *#06# on your mobile dial pad.
  • It is printed on box and device
  • Go to settings > About phone > Status > IMEI Information.
  • Remove back cover and battery of your mobile phone. You will find IMEI inside the Battery compartment (Only applicable for mobile devices with removable battery option).
  • Go to Settings > General > About (Only applicable for IOS devices)

Lost/Stone Mobile Block by Fax:

The first way is to block your stolen or lost phone is through Fax. How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI. You can block your mobile phone just by sending the fax to CPLC at 021-35683336. However, you must have to provide the IMEI number in the fax.

How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI

How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI

How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI

Block Lost Mobile Phone Through Online Form:

The How to Block Lost Stolen Mobile Phone in Pakistan By IMEI last way to block your lost or stolen phone is through an online complaint. You can block mobile by IMEI number online. To file the complaint online, you have to follow the simple steps described below: Block Lost/Stolen Mobile online

  • First of all, head to the official site of the CLCP.
  • Then, open the mobile theft form available on the site.
  • After doing that, provide all the necessary information there. The information spans personal info, mobile info and incident info.
  • Then click the submit button. It will successfully file the complaint.
  • Later on, you will be informed about the status of your report through call, text or email.

Through Email Block Cell Phone:

Moreover, you can also use the blocking service through e-mails. The complaint about stolen mobile through the email address will lead to IMEI block which will make the lost phone unable to be used. You just need to send your complaint along with IMEI number on this email address [email protected]

Block Lost Mobile By Calling:

You can also block android phones as well as the others by calling at the numbers written as follows:

  •     PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority): 0800-25625
  •     Police: 15
  •     CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee): 021-35662222

All the information of Lost Mobile Phone block in Pakistan. If you want to get any other information then contract with us through comment section we provide all information on email address.

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