How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan

How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan Requirements Procedure. If you have a question regarding a medical store license, medical store license requirements, or medical store license requirements in Pakistan, This article will answer your question. If you’re pursuing D Pharmacy or B Pharmacy in Pakistan, The best job option is to start your own business as a medical store in Pakistan. This article will provide all the details regarding Medical store license requirements, procedures, and investments required in Pakistan. To open a Medical Store, Pharmacy, Distribution, and Wholesale establishment in Pakistan, You must obtain approval from the District Health Authority.

Medical Store License Check

The Pakistani pharmaceutical and Medical Industry is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries. For a planned and efficient feasibility, the medical and pharmacy stores should be made up of multinational and national pharmaceutical products.

How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan

Pharmacy Licence Application Form

It is among the most prestigious professions in business that requires a minimal staff (Pharmacist, Cashier, and Accountant). The profit margin of retail pharmacies or medical stores ranges from 15 20 to 20% for each product. Pakistan is home to 800 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and can meet 70 percent of the nation’s need for medicines that are finished.

Pharmacy License Fee in Pakistan

Here are some essential guidelines and a comprehensive guideline on Medical Store License Requirements, procedures, and the Total Cost required to open a medical store in Pakistan. This article should assist you in understanding the complete information about this.

How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan Requirements Procedure

How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan Requirements Procedure

Drug Sale License Punjab Online Apply

This license is granted after inspecting the facility and issuing an inspection report. Following this, the licensing authority will issue the license to operate a Pharmacy, Medical Store, Distribution, and Wholesale business. How to Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan Requirements Procedure.

Medical Store License Procedure

Establishing a new medical store is straightforward and consists of the following steps. It is essential to have sufficient funds to open a medical store that provides high-quality medical services.

Medical Store License Requirements

The following licensing requirements are to start medical stores in Pakistan. After examining the report by the secretary of the District Board or Area Drugs Inspector, the authority did not issue the license. The licensing authority will not issue a permit under Form (9) or Form (10) if

  • The premises should be well-maintained and clean.
  • The building must have an adequate facility for storing medications and be protected from direct light, dust, and dirt. This includes the use of a refrigerator.
  • The facility’s total area of the Medical Store will not be less than 96 square feet. It must also have an absolute minimum height and breadth of eight feet.
  • The applicant is not an inmate sentenced to prison for one year or more or to pay the fine of 30,000 R for manufacturing or selling counterfeit drugs.

Medical Store License Registration Fee

  • The grant for a new or renewed license is mentioned in rule 14 on Formed 8(A) or Form 8(B). The applicant must pay the amount for the permit in the Account Head Number1252.
  • Three thousand dollars for a permit for a Pharmacy as well as two thousand dollars for a license of a Medical Store. Medical Store
  • two thousand dollars to renew an authorization of the Pharmacy or one thousand dollars to continue of a license for a Medical Store

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