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Medical and dental school enrollment for the academic year 2024. Admissions to public and private, medical and dental colleges in Pakistan for the session 2024 are now open and have been announced on the official platforms of the individual colleges and universities, as stated by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Commission on Health Care in Pakistan PMC Private & Regular Students in Planning. Acceptance into Public Universities: Undergraduates interested in applying to a public university’s medical or dentistry school should get in touch with the appropriate departments at the universities listed in the table below. Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Planner Regular & Private.

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Planner streamlines and improves Pakistan’s medical education and healthcare sector. With an emphasis on professionalism and efficiency, the PMC Planner addresses changing medical needs and ensures the best patient care. The PMC Planner aims to strengthen medical education and practice regulation. This includes standardizing courses, accreditation, and licensure. The PMC Planner hopes these steps will improve medical quality and standardization in Pakistan.

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Planner

Besides regulatory duties, the PMC Planner stresses professional growth. It helps healthcare professionals improve their skills and knowledge throughout their careers. This involves research, training, and networking activities to promote medical collaboration and knowledge sharing. The PMC Planner also emphasizes digitalization and technology. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has announced the merit lists for private medical and dental colleges and applicants can now view their merit positions. Merit list for Private Medical & Dental Colleges is now published. Applicants are requested to log into their accounts at to check their merit standings.

Admission in Private Colleges

  • For students who are applying to medical and dental undergraduate program in private
  • colleges are requested to directly contact the concerned authorities of the private colleges and
  • their affiliating universities, as per the procedure stated by the respective colleges.
  • For all private colleges affiliated with NUMS, the students are requested to apply through


  • It is to be notified that PMC does not handle any operation related to the admissions in
  • public and private colleges.
  • It has come to the notice of the Authority that some medical and dental colleges are demanding from enrolled students next year’s annual fee in advance at this time.

PMC Planner Online

The PMC Planner wants to use digital platforms to improve healthcare access, patient care, and telemedicine. The PMC Planner integrates digital solutions into the healthcare system to connect patients and providers, especially in distant places. It is clarified that the tuition fee is due and payable by a student on promotion to the next year after having passed their professional exam. No student can be compelled to pay the fee in advance or any penalty imposed on non-payment before the student has been promoted to the next year after results are announced.

A college may in advance at any time issue a fee challan for the fee payable for next year in advance but no delayed payment charges or any other penalty including the right of the student to sit in the professional exam shall be imposed prior to the result of the professional exam and the students promotion to the next year.

PMC Timings Planner

In the event the college starts classes for next year and provisionally allows all students to attend such classes before the announcement of the professional exam results, the college may require the student to pay at the time of starting of such provisional classes’ fee on a monthly basis till such time as the results are announced.

PMC eligibility criteria

Minimum 65% or above in F-Sc/HSSC or A-levels equivalent IBCC certificate. The 60S or above in MDCAT or SAT II (SAT II for foreign students only) In the case of SAT 11,60S or above in each subject.

Note: If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will not be able to submit your application. Admission of a Foreign Student shall be strictly on the basis of merit and no exception or special quota shall be created for Foreign Students

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Planner Regular & Private Students

Pakistan Medical Commission PMC Planner Regular & Private Students

MDCAT Exemption Criteria for Foreign Students for 2024-2024 in order to qualify for admission for the 2024 Session ONLY, SAT II results can be used instead of the MDCAT by students who have completed their HSSC programs/12 years of high school education from outside Pakistan. Less than 480 in any SAT ll subject would make the applicant ineligible for admission. Weightage of different subject results m SAT ll would be taken into consideration as follows:

  • Biolcgy:40%
  • Chemistry. 35%
  • Physics/Maths: 25%

Note: All affiliated, constituent and administered colleges of NUMS and Agha Khan University will not be part of the admissions portal. Any student seeking to apply to the said colleges shat be required to apply directly to the relevant university. Online PMC Planner

What documents will be required to submit your Applications:

  • Picture
  • CNIC’Passport
  • F-Sc/HSSC / A-Level equivalency document
  • SAT-II Document (If applying on the basis of SAT II)
  • Students can select as many colleges as they want for admissions. The minimum requirement is at least one college from either MB8S or a BDS program.
  • F.Sc/A-levelsIBCC Equivalence certificate: 30%. MDCAT/SAT II: 50%

The college shall add the score of the interview and consolidate it with the MDCAT/ F.Sc. based Merit aggregate of the student issued by PMC. The college shall finalize the total aggregate out of 100K for the final merit of the students.

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