IRIS FBR Login E Filling System

IRIS FBR Login E Filling System is a cutting-edge system designed to speed up and streamline the process of tax filing. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, this software provides an effortless experience for taxpayers. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), as part of its efforts to digitize the tax administration in Pakistan, has launched the IRIS FBR Login electronic-filing system. The online platform allows taxpayers the ability to file returns, pay taxes and do other tax-related tasks from their homes or offices. We will be taking a closer look at IRIS FBR Login E-filing System, its benefits and how to effectively use it.

 IRIS FBR Login E Filing System

One of the main advantages to one of the main benefits offered by IRIS FBR Login E Filling System is its simplicity. Taxpayers can log in to the system from any place and at any time with their own login credentials. This means that there is no need for physical trips to tax offices, and permits greater flexibility in handling tax-related tasks. The IRSI FBR Login electronic filing system allows taxpayers to complete various tax-related tasks online. The platform can be used to file income tax returns, sales taxes returns and withholding tax statements. The platform allows taxpayers to see their tax history, make tax payments, and check their tax liabilities.

IRIS FBR Login E Filing System Features and Benefits

FBR Login E-filing System offers many benefits and features for taxpayers. The platform saves taxpayers both time and money. It allows them to electronically file and pay their taxes. This eliminates the need to visit tax offices in person, which can be costly and time-consuming.

The platform also offers a secure and efficient method of managing tax-related information. The platform allows taxpayers to view their tax history, view tax liabilities, and make secure payments. The platform was designed to be easy-to-use and user-friendly, so taxpayers can perform all tax-related tasks quickly and easily.

Iris fbr login e filing system registration

Additionally, the system guarantees accuracy and efficiency when it comes to tax filing. It provides step-bystep instructions as well as prompts the user to input the information required, reducing the possibility of errors or mistakes. Validation checks built into the software aid in identifying any discrepancies and ensuring that filed tax returns are complete and in line with applicable rules.

IRIS FBR Login E Filling System IRIS FBR Login E Filling System provides a variety of functions to enhance the user experience overall. Taxpayers are able to import their tax information from previous years, thereby saving time and effort when entering data that is repetitive. It also offers access to a comprehensive tax calculator which allow users to quickly calculate their tax obligations. IRIS FBR Login E Filing

IRIS FBR Login E Filling System

iris fbr login

IRIS fbr gov pk Registration Online

How to use the IRIS FBR Login e-Filing System

IRIS FBR Login E Filling System IRIS FBR Login E Filling System is not just advantageous for taxpayers of individual status but also for companies. It provides separate login options for corporate taxpayers, which allows them to effectively manage their tax affairs. The system offers choices for filing various kinds of taxes, like sales tax, income tax and withholding tax. It caters to the different demands of business. It is simple and easy to use the IRIS  Login electronic filing system. These are the steps:

Step 1: Registration

Registering for an account is the first step in using the platform. To register for an account, taxpayers need to visit the IRIS FBR E-filing System website and click the registration link. The taxpayer will be asked to provide their personal information including name, contact details and their national tax number (NTN).

Step 2: Verification
After completing the registration, taxpayers will be sent an email with a link to verify their account. To activate their account, they must click the verification link.

Step 3: Login
Once the account has been activated, taxpayers will be able to log in using their username or password.

Step 4: Filing returns
Taxpayers must choose the type of return that they want to file from the available options on the platform before they can file it. The taxpayers must then provide the necessary information such as income details, tax deductions and tax credits.

Step 5: Pay tax
Taxpayers can pay their taxes using the platform after they have filed the return. The taxpayer must choose the tax type they want to pay, the amount and a payment method.

Tips to Use the IRIS  Login e-Filing System Effectively

These tips will help taxpayers get the most from the IRIS FBR Login electronic-filing system.

  • To ensure that returns are filed accurately using the platform, taxpayers must keep accurate records of income, deductions and credits.
  • Taxpayers should contact the helpdesk if they have any questions or encounter any difficulties while using the platform.
  • To ensure that returns are filed accurately using the platform, taxpayers must be informed about any changes in tax laws or regulations. You can check the FBR website regularly or subscribe to tax-related newsletters.
  • To ensure completeness and accuracy, taxpayers must double-check the information they enter on the platform. This will help to avoid mistakes and penalties.
  • To avoid interest and penalties, taxpayers should timely submit their returns. It is easier for taxpayers to electronically file returns and make payments through the IRIS FBR Login electronic filing system.


Is IRIS FBR Login available for all types tax returns?
Yes, taxpayers can file income tax returns, sales tax returns and withholding tax returns through the platform.

Are taxpayers able to make payments through the FBR Login electronic-filing system?
Yes, tax payers can use the platform to make tax payments.

Is it compulsory for taxpayers that they use the FBR Login electronic-filing system to file?
It is not required, but it is highly recommended.

What can taxpayers do if they have any problems using the platform?
For assistance, taxpayers can call the helpdesk.

Is there a penalty for late returns or payments?
Late submissions or payments can result in penalties and interest charges.

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