Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date | Participate in the Pak Army 2022 and complete your registration online. The Pakistan Army offers new opportunities to join the Pak Army, including civilian posts and various other positions. Join the Pak Army Online Registration 2022 for Female and Male applicants are now open. Register Online for Pak Army Jobs 2022. This is an opportunity to be a part of the Pakistan Army as a sailor, Civilian Short Service Commissioned Officer PN medical trainee, or a doctor. Females can be a component of the Pak Army as female officers and cadets and medical technicians and psychologists. Interested candidates Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022, Join Pak Army Registration Slip 2022 Download can apply to join the Pak Army as Sailor Batch B 2022. The next open recruitment will be for a sailor in Pakistan. Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date |

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022

Every Pakistani is eager to join Pak Army. What better way to do that than serving your nation and country by joining the Pak Army. Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date | Pakistan Army is one of the most prestigious Troops in the world. They offer a platform for people who wish to test their strength of romance, adventure and thrill in real-life. It’s a profession that can lead to success and opens the way to the top of the ladder, which most can only dream about. Most importantly it is that this is because the Pak Army not only makes it clear to the minds and hearts “The true and real significance of patriotism and nationalism” Army officers are trained and lead the following:

  • Paramilitary Forces
  • National Guard
  • Janbaz Force
  • Mujahid Force
  • National Cadet Crops
  • Woman Guard
  • Frontier Corps
  • Rangers
  • Coast Guard

The most respected department in Pakistan is the defence department, where requirements for securing candidates are demanded. At present, around 600,000 soldiers are working. Every year, thousands of hopefuls who want to serve as combat troops are invited to join the Pak Army; there are two windows for securing candidates in the Pak Army. Around 600 applicants were selected in each window. Following the rigorous training that takes two years, they are promoted to officers. Other than officer positions, there are a lot of vacant positions within The Pak Army.

Apply to join Pak Army Latest Jobs of 2022

If you are a student who has completed the Matric exam, FA and FSc exams, as well as Masters MBBS, BSc, and MBA and are unsure of what to do to become a part of the Pak army, This is the right place where you will find all the information you require. This page contains all the complete details on being a part of the Pak Army.

Pak Army Online Registration Form

Join Pak Army After Matric

You can join the Pak Army after matric. The minimum age for joining the Army after matriculation is between 17 and 35. The candidate’s height who wishes to be a part of the Pak army following matriculation must be 5 feet 3 inches tall. Candidates who are not enrolled cannot join the Pak army. The army job matric base for candidates who would like to be a part of the Pak army following matriculation are the following:

Non-Commissioned Officer

The option to join the Army on a matric basis is feasible. Officers who are not commission officers do not have received the commission. They are promoted to higher ranks through promotions. The list of non-commissioned officers who are eligible to join the Pak army upon matriculation is as follows:

Sepoy: Sepoy is the Sipahi who can be a part of the Pak Army as a soldier after matriculation with pay of between 35,000 and 120,000. There is a vacancy for soldiers for Sepoy in the Pak army.

Lance Naik is the equivalent of the corporal lance of the Pak army. Candidates can become part of the Pak army once they have completed enrollment for this position.

Naik: Naik is similar to the corporal and the governor.

Havildar ranks as the third-highest rank. It has one naik with ten soldiers.

Battalion Quartermaster Havildar After completing the required education, the company havildar is made a battalion quartermaster havildar.

Junior Commissioned Officers

Junior commissioned officers (JCO) are the subset of military personnel with a higher rank than non-commissioned officers. The list of junior commissioned officers who are eligible to be admitted to the Pak Army after matric is as the following:

Naib Subedar/Naib Risaldar: He’s the commander of the platoon.

Subedar/Risaldar: He’s the commander of the platoon, in place of lieutenants of the infantry company.

Major Subedar/Major Risaldar is the company’s commander or captain.

Civilian Jobs

People who have passed the matriculation test but do not have any skills are eligible to apply for civilian positions within the Army. These positions are suitable for various departments. The list of civilian jobs that are available to join the Pak army following matriculation is as the following:

Plumbers are responsible for maintaining and installing pipelines of water or gas. To be a great plumber, just a matriculation degree is needed. The applicant can join the Pak army following matriculation as a plumber; however, the candidate must be proficient in plumbing.

Cook: In charge of the preparation of food. There aren’t any high-level requirements for being cooks for the Pak army. The applicant may become a member of the Pak army following the middle of the year as a cook; however, one must be proficient in cooking to be a part of the Pak army following the middle.

Draft Man is the drawing engineer of buildings and machines. He must be proficient in drawing. Candidates can join the Pak army once he has completed their matriculation draftsman.

Technicians are responsible for resolving problems with electricity. There aren’t any formal qualifications for technicians. However, he should be a specialist in solving technical problems. Candidates can be a part of the Pak army once they have completed their matriculation as a technician.

Telephony Supervisors: Responsible for the management of the telephone operations. If you want to be chosen as the supervisor of telephones in the Pak army, an advanced degree is not necessary. Candidates must be familiar with the telephone system and have confidence and loyalty. As phone supervisors, candidates can be a part of the Pak army upon matriculation.

Sanitary Cleaning the sanitary area, emptying it, maintaining and running the sanitary chain or handle washing section. The candidate can join the Pak army following their primary education as a sanitary officer in charge.

Join Pak Army After Intermediate

Many are keen to serve their country and be part of the Pak army following their intermediate. Candidates can also choose to join different fields to further their careers, but their passion for the country drives their desire to become part of the Pak army once they have completed their intermediate stage.

It is said that the Army of Pakistan is considered to be the most powerful Army worldwide. Anyone who loves Pakistan and is patriotic to their country is those who pick to join the Pak Army as their career. These people are those who pay to ensure the safety and welfare of their country.

technical Cadet Course

The student’s age must be 17-22 years old, and the marital status must be non-married. The certification ICS (or FSc) pre-engineering passing with at least 65% marks is required. O levels completed in A grade are also qualified to be considered.

To join Pak Army after intermediate as technical cadets, Candidates must complete the basic training offered by PMA. The training will last for a calendar year at Kakul. Students will also receive an annual stipend of between 30,000 and 35,000. They will be classified as the second lieutenant.

The chosen candidates must make a bond agreement in line with which they will be a part of the Pakistan Army for 13 years. If they do no result card from the second year, they may become members of the Pak Army based on the hope certificate and the result card of the first year.

MA Long Course

The student’s age must be between 17 and 22 years old, and the requirement for the job must have an intermediate level or equivalent. The marital status must be single.

A student who wants to be a part of the Pak Army after intermediate as major, captain, general or major must go through the military for two years at PMA Kakul. Students will also receive a monthly stipend amounting to 45,000 to 50,000 monthly.

Army Medical Cadets (MBBS/BDS)

To be eligible for medical cadet entry of the applicant to join the Pak army after intermediate, the applicant’s age should be between 17 and 21, and not married. The applicant’s qualifications must have an Fsc (Pre-Medical), which is a minimum of 70% points or “A’ grades that the student has passed in biology, with at least a grade of C.

After intermediate, the cadets that need to be enrolled in the Pak Army as medical cadets and professionals will undergo six months of fundamental military instruction at the PMA Kakul. along with an increased their monthly allowances as they progress through their studies.

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date |

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date |

The students should have passed any provincial entrance exam like MDCAT, NUMS, etc. After completing the required education and training, they can be promoted to captain doctor. They must take a bond with which they must remain in the Army for 13 years.

Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS Females)

There’s an exclusive position for females, and they are allowed to join the Pak Army at the ages between 17 and 25. They are enrolled by achieving 60% and 50% marks in the medical pre-medical intermediate. After the intermediate stage as a nurse coach, women who wish to be part of the Pak Army would undergo training for four years. BS programs. These programs are held in CMH Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Quetta.

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022 Last Date

After completing four years of training and four years of training, students or qualified nurses who have been accepted and completed the six-week course will be deemed lieutenants and receive an annual stipend. They must sign the bond according to which they will serve as a member of the Pakistan Army for ten years.

Join the Pak Army as Soldiers

After intermediate as soldiers, students who sign up for Pak Army should be between 17 and 23 years. They must have unmarried marital status as well as intermediate or matriculation.

Students who wish to join the Pak Army as a soldier will be required to complete the required training for at least one year. They also get an annual stipend from the government and will be paid for their service as a cadet or soldier.

As Second Lieutenant

To be a part of the Pak Army as the second lieutenant, a student must complete the PMA long-distance course. It is a good opportunity for students to be a part of the Pak Army after intermediate or graduate between 17-25.

Join Pak Army After Graduation

Incorporating into the Pak Army after graduation is the ultimate goal of all Pakistani graduates. The jobs for Pakistani graduates who are eligible to apply following graduation are:

  • Direct Captain (Males)
  • Commissioner Officer
  • Lady Cadet Course (Females)
  • Army Medical Corps as M Cadets
  • Captain/Major during Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC)
  • Participate in Pak Army as Direct Captain (Males)

After graduation, the students can be enrolled in the Pak Army as immediate captain after 28 years old. It is necessary to have the students undergo a six-month-long training program in PMA Kakul. Students who have qualifications in (chemistry, computer science, chemistry math, English, Urdu, Islamiyah, History) can be recruited into the army’s education corps.

Join Pak Army Online Registration 2022

The students who hold degrees in BS Chemical Engineering can become members of the ordinance. With a master’s degree in general psychology, they can be psychologists. They also can choose the veterinary corps of remount and farm officer by examining their DVM.

Join as a Commissioned Officer

Students will take the ISSB test, and GHQ will determine the final decision. Students need to complete one year to be officers commissioned.

Lady Cadet Course (Females)

Females can also be a part of the Pakistan Army as direct captains who apply based on their educational background. The categories include the corps of engineers, the signal corps, corps services, corps of ordinance, the corps of education and mechanical, army education corps, remount veterinarian and agricultural officer, Public relations officer, and direct short service appointment a psychologist.

Army Medical Corps as M Cadets

Students who hold completed the requirement of MBBS at any PMC medically recognized institution or in their fourth or final year may apply for this position. After completing the MBBS interview, intelligence, as well as examinations and final selections, are determined by GHQ.

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